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Meet Magdalena

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Principal Psychologist

Magdalena Mills

Magdalena is an experienced registered psychologist with dual qualifications in nursing and psychology. For over 10 years, she has fulfilled various roles in hospitals, crisis assessment teams, schools, family services, psychometric testing, private practice and corporate psychology programs.

With a focus in counselling psychology, Magdalena has particular expertise in understanding the beliefs, contexts and relationship processes that affect psychological health. She tailors her treatments to her clients’ unique circumstances to promote wellbeing.

Recognising that counselling can be a daunting experience, Magdalena offers a safe, calm and professional environment where clients can explore their concerns. She aims to help clients discover and understand themselves, believing that self-awareness is the foundation on which meaningful and relevant strategies are developed. She adopts a two-fold approach to working with clients, assisting them to manage distressing symptoms, while also addressing underlying core issues for longer term success.

Magdalena is experienced in evidence-based practice therapies. She works with adults, adolescents and children over age 8. Her therapeutic interventions and key skill areas are:


Magdalena has special interest in working with clients experiencing anxiety, relationship and family difficulties, stress management, self-esteem issues, chronic illnesses, feminine health issues, life adjustment issues and workplace issues. She is also passionate about working with survivors of trauma and abuse.

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